Taxonomic resources

With phylogenetic uncertainty resolved by whole genome scale sequence data, a new taxonomic framework for the rock daisy tribe was published in 2022 in Systematic Botany. Key highlights of the new treatment include:

-A new (more narrow) circumscription of the heterogeneous core genus Perityle (14 taxa, 1 comb. nov.)

-Reinstatement of the monotypic Guadalupe island endemic genus Nesothamnus (for Nesothamnus incanus Rydb.)

-Reinstatement of Galinsogeopsis Sch. Bip. and Laphamia Gray, each with a broader circumscription, to accommodate two independent radiations of rock daisies in the Sierra Madre Occidental (Galinsogeopsis, 19 taxa, 18 comb. nov) and Basin and Range province (Laphamia, 52 taxa, 26 comb. nov.)

-1 new name Laphamia sanchezii (= Perityle palmeri S.Watson)

More information can be found in the primary publication, however, the conventions used in the taxonomic literature can be difficult to follow. To make it easier for botanists of all backgrounds to reconcile these names changes with familiar names, I have begun work on a checklist below. This is a work in progress. I am thankful for your patience and I welcome any and all collaboration!

I will also be updating the checklist of the rock daisy tribe on the Global Compositae database, a resource run and maintained by the International Compositae alliance:

Stay tuned for more updates, new species descriptions, and resources soon!

Phylogeny of tribe Perityleae with clades affected by taxonomic changes in Lichter-Marck & Baldwin (2022) highlighted in color and the approximate location of tips shown in the accompanying maps.

A–E. Perityle californica Benth. A. Habit. B. Capitulum, showing involucre. C. Fruit attached to receptacle. D. Leaf. E. Capitulum, showing florets. F. Perityle socorrosensis Rose, photo by Jon Rebman. G–I. Perityle crassifolia var. robusta (Rydb.) Everly. G. Capitulum, showing florets. H. Habit. I. Capitulum, showing involucre. Photos A–E, G–I, by ILM.

A. Laphamia lobata (Rydb.) I.H. Lichter-Marck. B. Laphamia staurophylla var. staurophylla Barneby. C. Laphamia villosa S.F. Blake. D. Laphamia cernua Greene. E. Laphamia reinana (B.L. Turner) I.H. Lichter-Marck, in habitat with Echinocereus bacanorensis (Rischer & Trocha) Blum and Myriopteris lindheimeri J. Sm. F. Laphamia cordifolia (Rydb.) I.H. Lichter-Marck. Photos by ILM

A. Galinsogeopsis turneri (A.M. Powell) I.H. Lichter-Marck. B–D. Galinsogeopsis ciliata (L.H. Dewey) I.H. Lichter-Marck. B. Capitulum, showing florets. C. Capitulum, showing involucre. D. Fruit. E. Galinsogeopsis jaliscana (A. Gray) I.H. Lichter-Marck. F–H. Galinsogeopsis spilanthoides var. spilanthoides Sch. Bip. F. Habit. G. Capitulum. H. Growth substrate in pre-colombian archeological site, Guanajuato,Mexico. Photos by ILM.